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By: yantie zulkifli

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Thursday, 20-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ in my shoes ++

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Shoes and personality

' The word shoe (scoe) is Anglo-Saxon, meaning 'to cover'. According to Rossi (1993) this is not in a protective sense but rather to hide an erogenous zone. Body parts play a key role in non verbal communication and may be decoded as cortically meaningful (Givens, 2002).Simply put shoes outwardly represent a non-verbal sign of gender, presence,and personality. According to Sonja Bata (founder of the Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto) "Shoes hold the key to human identity." They appear unparalleled in their ability to reveal the personality of the wearer.Many believe this is due to the encoded messages they contain which are recognised by our primal subconscious. Where this is most obvious perhaps is related to shoe choice and our psychosexual make up and personality. Pond, reminds us shoes are totems of disembodied lust, in some cases so strong as to magically transform us into beautiful, handsome, confident, or heroic persons. They appear true talisman and worthy of a fetishism.Today footwear communicates general values, personality traits, roles and goals. Our psychological, cultural and expression of our spirit are all well served by our footwear.They influence the way we think, feel, act as well as react to others' >> [ Shoe Neurosis ]

My Designer Shoe Profile


You're a romantic soul who appreciates tradition, quality and femininity.
In shoe choices, and in life, you might tend to look for things that make you comfortable,
or remind you of the past.
Dependable, loyal, and loving, others know they can count on you,
and love having you in their life.
You have an appreciation for detail and delicacy that few others possess.
But, try to remember that not everything new or flashy is bad - and every once
in a while, it's okay to unleash a bit.
As long as you don't allow yourself to get too caught up in the past,
your style can be as soothing and unique as you are.

Your shoe designer soulmates are: Claudia Ciuti, Nicole Miller

Find Your Designer SoulMates@http://shoes.about.com

Just like a great shoe, if you're well-made and durable, you can prove that you're not just a passing fad.

p/s : takziah buat Pak Lah sekeluarga ~al-fatihah~

Monday, 17-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ d i k a l a - s e n j a]

ty n pinkish horizon

suatu senja di kolej 13....indahnya ciptaan Allah yang Maha Esa...Subhanallah

[gonna miss the moment] *big time*

Ziana Zain & Awie-Senja Nan Merah

Masihkah kita termangu di bawah pepohon itu
Ketika hujan melunturi danau yang terusang
Tidak pernah dibilang hari
Hanyalah debar yang terasa... terasa

Setiap hari dibuai mimpi yang terindah
Dengan menghitung senja merah dihujung sinar
Mencipta keheningan rahsia
Pada sehimpun kenangan
Menyimpul satu makna diruang yang lurus ini

Haruskah kita mencari pada gunung dan lurah
Liku-liku curam insani
Haruskah kita mencari puncak mengilau cahaya
Dalam hidup seribu warna
Dibawah teriring ungkapan pada sebuah wajah
Yang lara kesepian

Haruskah kita mencari dalam senja begini
Kembali kita bertemu
Haruskah kita mencari dalam simpati wangi
Membilang kenangan yang abadi
Seperti menuggu mentari senja
Menghilang perlahan-lahan disebalik
Awan yang merah

Dibalik awan yang merah
Dibalik awan yang merah

p/s : terkejut bile rupe2ye ade org lompat nk masuk gambar jugak..nasib baik hari dah gelap hik hik

* changed jamie cullum lyric with this song sbb suke comment k.yangmazni hihi

Wednesday, 12-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ makan-makan ramadhan ]

bubur mcD??
nasik ayam kunyit??
~ Sama Tapi Tak Serupa ~

S e l a m a t M e n y a m b u t R a m a d h a n A l - M u b a r a k

"A blessed month has arrived. Observing it in fasting is mandated on you (the believers). During this month, the gates of Paradise will be opened and the gates of Hellfire will be closed. The evil ones (Shayaatin) will be handcuffed. In it there is one night, during which worship is better than worship in a thousand months. Whoever is denied its blessings has been denied the biggest blessing."

Saturday, 8-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ s h a d o w s - s i l h o u e t t e s ]

[ one plus one equals to two ]
[ all about the kerb ]

sil·hou·ette [ sìlloo ét ]


1. A drawing consisting of the outline of something, especially a human profile, filled in with a solid color.

2. An outline that appears dark against a light background.

shad·ow [ shd' o ]


1. The rough image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination.

2. An imperfect imitation or copy.

3. A shaded area in a picture or photograph.

4. A mirrored image or reflection.

Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.... Abraham Lincoln

Monday, 3-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
++ u'll be in my heart ++


dua bulan lagi, 'the' journey@utm will end..
too many things to remember as well as things that shud be forgotten...
utk SEMUA kawan2 aku : love u guys, no matter what had happened to us

"nobody really knows where they're supposed to go
hiding behind a wall
afraid that they'll lose it all
but it's alright
just follow the light
and don't be afraid of the dark
in the moonlight you'll dance til you fall
and always be here in my heart
but nobody wants to know
cos nobody even cares
everyone's on the make
yeah and everyone's out for themselves
me i'm on the longest road
where everything's overload
but i've got my heart and soul
so don't throw me overboard"

-Follow The Light, Travis

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